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House concert hosts can submit a profile of their venue that will be posted by region. At this time, this service is limited to venues in Canada. These venues will be searched by music artists interested in making bookings, and audiences interested in attending house concert venues. House concerts may also be considered for a musical feature on our site or in our newsletter.

The information that you submit will be used to generate your own house concert profile. To update your profile, simply re-submit your profile using this form. To have your old profile removed or revised, please email us and let us know.

Enter your house concert venue name (ex. Jack's House Concerts):



Brief venue description (facilities; performance/seating area; snacks for guests; accommodations/meals for performers; parking; pets):

Maximum seating capacity (number only):

Select the range that the maximum number of seats falls under:

Select the category of music that you want to host:

Select the genres of music that you want to host (max. of five):

Select the size of acts that you would like to host (max. of five):

Are you hosting acoustic and/or electrically amplified performances? This is often dependent upon the size of the performance space.

Past performers; if none, leave blank (please separate names of each with a comma):

Smoking details:


Sound equipment available for performers:

Photo link that you would like featured (ex. Your photo will be resized to 150 pixels in width, so please make appropriate modifications (ex. cropping) to your image, if necessary. To find the link, simply right click the image on your website, select properties, highlight the website url, and paste the address in the space below. If you don't have a photo to link to please do not erase the link below. If you erase the link below, simply reset the form or refresh your screen and it will return. Alternatively, email us a picture and we'll put it up for you:

Full website address; if none, leave blank (ex.

Contact information (ex. email, phone, fax, etc.):

After pressing submit, you should be taken to a confirmation page. If this does not happen, please contact us.

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