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1 - Ryan MacGrath
2 - Joyce Saunders
3 - Mike Martell
4 - Kim Dunn
5 - Billy the Kid
6 - Ria Mae
7 - Alex Hickey
8 - Shannon Quinn

Ryan MacGrath

Featured Artist Ryan MacGrath

Ryan MacGrath already has a well-deserved cult following in Halifax, but with the number of shows he has booked  he is about to land in the lime-light across many borders. Cooper Hatch Paris (released July 31st and recorded with Gypsophilia at Codapop Studio in Halifax), is so hot it glows  and could take Ryan from his rural Nova Scotia roots to the clubs of New York in one beat of a parlour pop heart. Get a group of friends together and book Ryan for a house concert - find him under artist search on this site.



Joyce Saunders

Featured Artist Joyce Saunders 

Halifax singer/songwriter Joyce Saunders is so accomplished in her own right, and has contributed vocal harmonies to so many projects, it is no wonder that many people call her "The Voice." A unique Nova Scotian artist, she pulls many threads of music through the eye of a rural upbringing... bits of blue and green from the landscape, deep-reaching roots and wisps of inspiration that become a spirited tapestry where folk, old country and rock influences emerge. In well over a decade of solo and collaborative experience Joyce has brought a stunningly capable voice to projects like Days Like These - her first album, recorded live at The Agora in 2002, and the skillfully written Thick Enough to Stand On - which in 2006 earned a Music Nova Scotia nomination for "inspirational album of the year." Stints as a principal vocalist for Ben Ross' Fabulous Band (2005-2007) and appearances on studio albums by Buck 65 (Situation - 2007) and Steve Gates, amongst many others, have showcased her sought-after voice. It has been said that "she could sing a grocery list and it would sound amazing." Joyce is also well-known as half of The Wilderbeats - a nature-themed, family-oriented musical duo pioneered by fellow singer/songwriter Ashley Moffat. The Wilderbeats' performances - with an environmental education message for children - have been a hot commodity at schools, festivals, parks and museums - and their two CDs - Live in Concert and Second Nature have garnered several Music Nova Scotia nominations for "Children's Recording of the Year." Joyce is writing, playing and singing whenever she can - she welcomes bookings of all kinds and would love to perform in your living room this fall!

Mike Martell

Featured Artist Mike Martell

Why not book Mike Martell for a house concert in the near future? He has some great news to share... and we want to pass it on to you! "The results of Billboard Magazine‘s 17th annual Billboard Starmaker 360 WorldWide Song Contest have been announced and local fisherman/ singer-songwriter Mike Martell from Milltown Cross, PEI, Canada earned an Honourable Mention In the category of Excellence in Composition for Fisherman's Soul, the single from Martell's latest CD, She Waits For Me. Martell is "over the moon" to have been recognized from amongst the thousands of entries in multiple categories in this world-class competition. Billboard Magazine, founded in 1984, is one of the world’s most prestigious, most relevant and long-running music magazines devoted to the music industry. Judges are selected from a group of music industry insiders knowledgeable about songwriting, current music trends and the music business in general, according to Billboard Magazine. Since its release, "She Waits For Me" has received worldwide recognition, garnering radio play in Italy, US and the UK, together with many favourable reviews." Find out more about Mike by checking out his booking site: Sonic or by logging on to Mike’s website:

Kim Dunn

Featured Artist Kim Dunn

Kim Dunn has been working on a successful music career for 30 years now,with a brief four year reprieve studying Jazz at ST. FX. He has worked with the who’s who of East coast artists including, Rita MacNeil, Bruce Guthro, Matt Minglewood, Jimmy Rankin, Lennie Gallant, David Myles, Jill Barber, Dave Gunning, George Canyon, and continues to do so. With an ECMA to his credit, recipient of the first MUSICIAN SPECIAL ACHEIVEMENT AWARD, Dunn has garnered much respect and demand for his abilities as sideman, and has producing, writing, and arranging credits as well. After playing on countless cd’s of other artists, Kim has brought his songwriting, and singing to the foreground with his first solo project, ‘Take This Hammer’. His biggest asset has always been versatility and he has implemented this feature prominently on this self-produced debut CD. Personal highlights include having had the chance to meet and work with Alison Krauss, Peter Gzowski, Philip Glass, and performing at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Kim has traveled and performed in the United States, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and has toured extensively throughout Canada. His immediate plans for the future involve doing more shows of his own, but plans to remain actively involved and busy with his other musical ties as well.

Billy the Kid

Featured Artist Billy the Kid

MARCH 21, 2011 - Vancouver, BC Following the breakout success of the Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace) produced EP, The Lost Cause, Vancouver singer/songwriter Billy the Kid (Billy Pettinger) decided to give back to her fans by recording a new album which will be given away for free on the internet. In order to pull this off, Billy launched a fan funding campaign on her website billythekidonline to raise the money necessary to record her new album. Her fans pulled through in droves, pre-ordering a variety of different album bundles, and the album was recorded over the course of two months, in three different cities in early 2011. Now that recording is complete, the album needs to be mixed and mastered, which is another considerable expense. So Billy decided to launch phase two of her fan funding campaign. However this time around, she has one-upped herself and has created some incredibly creative new fundraising options. New fund raising options include a hand drawn cartoon of you for $50, a night on the town with Billy for $200, a weekend with her for $500, co-writing a song with her for $1000, an original song written for you or a loved one for $1000, have Billy mailed to your house for $2000 and hang out with her for a week while she films a documentary of your time together, buy publishing rights to half of one of her new songs for $5000, and finally for $10,000 you can own the publishing rights to any song of your choice. Once the funds are raised the album will be finished and released immediately on the internet for free. There’s a reason people refer to Billy the Kid as the DIY Poster Girl. For more information please visit billythekidonline.

Ria Mae

Featured Artist Ria Mae

“Ria Mae has the ability to be both
Ria the songwriter and Ria the performer
of the songs she so expertly crafts –
the voice, enough soft strength and
character to crack the stoutest heart.
Ria Mae is a rarity in my mind.”

Glenn Meisner, CBC Atlantic Airwaves





For more info visit Ria Mae's website.

Alex Hickey

Featured Artist Alex Hickey

Alex Hickey sings. Yes she does, and she writes songs too, good ones.

Now back home in Nova Scotia after a stint in Toronto, Alex recently released her third album Blackbirds produced at the Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, NS by Diego Medina and backed by a stellar group of local musicians. As it says on her website "The result is an expert, joyous folk record, with serious bluegrass and country leanings, a couple of great sing-along songs and three a cappella songs that sound like traditional classics, despite being new compositions." Her songs can be topical, political, serious or funny.

I first heard Alex perform as a "tweener" at Stanfest. Later I saw her at the LaHave Folk Festival near her home in West Dublin. That is a relaxed one day festival in September that I am putting on my calendar from now on. Check out some of the performers on the 2012 bill with Alex 2012 lineup..

Please check out Alex Hickey's new website at Alexsings . You won't be disappointed..

Shannon Quinn

Featured Artist Shannon Quinn

This is the sort of 'testimonial' we like to hear! Kudos to Shannon Quinn!

"Shannon gave a house concert at By the Bay B and B at the end of July. She presented as a very professional and accomplished musician. She engaged well with the audience, with stories of the traditional songs and of her own compositions as well getting the audience to participate in some sing-alongs. She was warm, relaxed and friendly. The audience loved her fiddle playing as well as her clear singing voice. I would recommend Shannon for a concert and would definitely go and see her again.

 - Cathie Watson, By the Bay Bed and Breakfast 10502 Peggy's Cove Road, Glen Margaret, NS B3Z 3G8"

Please check out Shannon Quinn's website at Shannon Quinn Music .

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