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1 - The Reason For Hope
2 - The Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project
3 - Christina Martin: A House Concert

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Reason for Hope

Featured CD - The Reason for Hope

  • A light - CRUSH LUTHER
  • Sadie In The Kitchen - ROSE COUSINS
  • Last Waltz - JENN GRANT
  • Runaway - DAVID MYLES
  • Separate Cities - CRISSI COCHRANE
  • Old Faithful - RUTH MINNIKIN
  • Don't Call It Being Lonely - THE DANGER BEES
  • I'd Try Anything - ALERT THE MEDIC
  • I Could Love You More- IN FLIGHT SAFETY
  • End Of The Road- HOPEFUL MONSTER
  • Brushed By The Wings Of An Angel-MATT MINGLEWOOD
  • Good Wife - MARY STEWART
  • Send Someone For Me- EMMA LEE
  • When Emma Sings - DORIS MASON
  • An Extraordinary Ordinary Life - LENNIE GALLANT
  • In May of 2010, New Glasgow resident Emma Lee Stewart learned her cancer had returned for the second time. This time, however, it returned as metastatic breast cancer, seeded in her liver. Over the last year the cancer has spread leaving metastasis in her bones and brain. Upon her first diagnosis with Breast Cancer in 2006, Stewart founded The Reason For Hope Not-For-Profit Society which has donated money to The Canadian Cancer Society, The Lodge That Gives and The Oncology Department at the Aberdeen hospital in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

    Prior to Stewart's diagnosis, she has been actively involved in the music community of Nova Scotia for years as founding chair of The New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee, a member of the board of The Provincial Music Festival, a vocal teacher, and a board member of The New Glasgow Dragon Boat Festival, to name a few.

    In attempt to turn a negative situation into a positive one, her daughter, Mary Stewart, got the idea of spreading the message through music. During the year of 2010, Mary reached out to friends of the Stewart family to make this project possible. We here at Codapop Studios ( have worked on this project with Mary, allowing use of our Halifax Studio to record select tracks from Emma Lee Stewart, Doris Mason, Mary Stewart and The Danger Bees for this project.

    All of the musicians on this CD are longtime friends of the Stewart family and have kindly donated their songs to help spread awareness for this worthy cause.

    The fundraising goal for this project is $15,000.00. Net proceeds will flow to The Breast Cancer Network for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research to make a change for women who find themselves in this situation in the future via The Reason For Hope Society.

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    May you rest in peace, Emma Lee Stewart. You have been an inspiration to so many people... If you don't know Emma Lee's story, you can learn about it here...Emma Lee @Codapop Studios buy the CD. That's... The Reason for Hope.

    For current news on this fundraiser please visit The Reason for Hope Not for Profit Society


    Featured CD The Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project


    1. Always In My Heart
    2. Sekwi Na'da'ster
    3. Star Fly High
    4. Speak Up,Speak Out
    5. The North is My Home
    6. Show Me What you Got
    7. What Would Life Be Like
    8. Love So True
    9. Can't Tie Me Down
    10. Blank White Page

    A few years back, as a way to expand my school shows that I’ve been doing for the past ten years, I wanted to create something that was more along the lines of what I was all about. I approached Steven Bowers about creating a “Music Creation Workshop” for schools. I envisioned a presentation that was musical, educational, highly participational and could break down the mysterious walls of songwriting for the students. After about a dozen around the Maritimes, we were blown away at how natural students are at songwriting, with our guidance of course.

    I was hired by the Municipality of Wood Buffalo to put on this music creation workshop and I was even able to bring the wonderful Mr. Thom Swift along! The project is entitled “The Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project”. Along with Steven Bowers and Thom Swift, we wrote 10 songs in 10 days, with 10 students in each of the 10 schools. We would start off by writing a song in one hour with the students. Then we would record the students singing that very song. After a one hour performance for the entire student body ending in the song we wrote, the three of us would head back to the hotel and finish off recording the tracks with more instruments and voices. Thom jokingly nicknamed the project “Daytona Songwriting 500″. At the beginning of the 10 days we had nothing. Dave Gunning had the tracks mixed and mastered 12 days after the project started. There was no debt for the record whatsoever and the municipality has already purchased 5000 copies for the students to sell like chocolate bars. At $20 a piece (at no profit to us), that will raise a total of $100,000 for school programming.

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    Christina Martin:A House Concert

    Featured CD Christina Martin A House Concert

    1. Two Hearts
    2. I Can Too
    3. Lit Cigarette
    4. Always Rain
    5. Hard Day In June
    6. You Come Home
    7. Take
    8. Temporary Hell
    9. Cut It Out
    10. I Fear I Am
    11. Stay Awhile
    12. The Bike Song
    13. My Red Wine
    14. Daisy

    How Cool is this! Christina Martin recorded a live album at a House Concert. Click on the album cover to go to Christina's website. Follow some of the links below to learn more about the excellent musical and artistic support that went into the production of this CD.

    Artwork and Layout by Daniel Ledwell

    Produced by Christina Martin and Dale Murray.
    Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Dale Murray.

    Visit Soundcloud for a sample of Take.

    Purchase digitally on iTunes, order the CD from cdBaby, or pick up a copy at the wonderful Taz Records in Halifax, NS.

    Twitter Twitter

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