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Watch a video  on house concerts produced by Global National. The show was presented by Lift the Wind Concert Series featuring The Hupman Brothers. Link to the video Here.

Featured Artist

Liz Stringer

Featured Artist Liz Stringer

Liz Stringer was playing piano before she could talk. The dye was cast young. Some argue that she still communicates better with music than with conversation. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia, the youngest of three kids. Her Dad was a music teacher, her Mum a literature and history teacher. The house reverberated with music of some kind constantly. There were instruments and books on every surface. At thirteen Liz won a music scholarship to an elite private girls school.  At fifteen she started playing guitar. At sixteen she went to Germany, started a band and recorded her first demo with those boys. She cut her performing teeth in Germany.  She returned to Melbourne, went to her local high school, and began to write more and more songs. The guitar went everywhere with her. After she finished high school she went back to Germany, picked up the band where they’d left it, borrowed a black Fender Stratocaster and a Bassman amp, secured a rehearsal studio in a World War II bunker and rehearsed religiously over the next three years.  She wrote more and more songs, played some solo shows and began to focus on the acoustic guitar again. 2003 she was back in Melbourne. And by 2006 had made her first album, “Soon” with her best mate, drummer Adam May. Ten years later it’s 2016 and she’s released four subsequent albums and is about to release her 5th studio record. She recorded it in Portland, Oregon.  And she also fell in love. With Canada. So she started to plant roots and now she has a record deal and a bunch of beautiful friends there. She also gets back to her mob in Germany as often as she can. She’s toured around Australia perpetually for years. She’s played every major festival. She’s revered by her musical peers for her inherent musical talent and low tolerance for bullshit. She neither has, nor wants, industry attention and validation. She’s a musician. It’s pretty simple, really. - edited excerpt from biography at Liz Stringer

And she's going to be back in NS to play at Lift the Wind Concert Series on February 7, 2017! Hope to see you there.

Please check out Liz Stringer's website at Liz Stringer .

Featured Venue

Lift the Wind Concert Series

Lift the Wind Concert Series

Set on a high point, our home has a good view of St. Margarets Bay and is only 30 minutes from either Halifax or Chester. Light, airy space with cathedral ceiling, ceramic floors - for great acoustics. Seating on sofa, chairs, benches, lawn chairs, and floor cushions. Occasionally there is limited "gallery" seating overlooking the performance space.

We like to feature low-key, quiet "listening" events, as an alternative to the noisy bar scene that many independent artists have to cope with. At present, we offer all proceeds to the performer. Each concert is by agreement. Performers will have use of a large private washroom for changing, etc. Powder room on main floor for the audience. There will be a break halfway through the show.. We will serve a few snacks - appreciate if artist or audience wants to contribute. A table will be provided for CD sales. Artist is responsible for CD sales. We do our best to promote your show but need you to promote as well through links on your websites and social media, and telling your fans and friends.

Join our personal mailing list by e-mailing, so you can get info on ALL our upcoming shows. We look forward to scheduling more shows (see current listings) in the new year.

View previous shows at Lift the Wind Concert Series

Featured CD

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Featured CD - Turn Styles



Naming the Twins - “Turn Styles”

Eleven months in the making, Naming the Twins’ 3rd album, titled: “Turn Styles” has, true to its name, radiated beyond the confines of Folk into a diverse range of original material.

Throughout the album, there is a subtle complexity in the musical arrangements and, at the core, an array of vibrantly lyrical, memorably melodic songs including several with large sing-along choruses.

Both of their previous albums, “Sweet Transitions” and “Drifters and Dreamers” were received warmly by the folk DJ community across North America but - let it be known - with some of the tracks on this new album, Naming the Twins are ready to branch out to other stations and new locations while retaining their current folk audience.

This time there is an undercurrent of bass, drums and percussion over which are laid acoustic instruments such as nylon and acoustic guitars, cello, harp, mandolin, flute, violin, double bass, ukulele, viola, banjo, harmonica plus some tasteful electric guitar and a touch of keyboards. The Twins’ distinct vocal blend is strongly present with a more “to and fro” approach to the lead vocals on some of the material and more intricate background vocals.

Songwriting within the duo has mostly been the work of Robbie Smith, who received recognition in the early 1980s when international balladeer, Roger Whittaker recorded 4 of his songs (one of which, “The Last Song” became a million seller).

On this CD, Kath Glauser contributes to the lyrics of several new songs - including what may be Naming the Twins’ most commercially appealing song to date: “What New Lovers Do”. Guest musician, Ryan Hupman, one of the most popular and inventive guitar players on Canada’s East Coast, shines on this rockabilly number adding some amazing riffs to the mix .

Naming the Twins have been together for 8 years and have gained quite a following - mainly focusing on the Eastern Seaboard of the US and Canada where they tour regularly. Their sound is unique and easily recognizable though comparisons have been made to Peter Paul and Mary, Ian and Sylvia, and Simon and Garfunkel with songwriting akin to Gordon Lightfoot, Stan Rogers, and John Prine.

Their creative flow is in the spirit of the 1960s but their music is now!

The above was sourced from: Naming the Twins - Programmer's Guide

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